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Furry in News Media

We are making a list of as many news articles, stories and telecasts relating to furry that we can find. Below is a list of everything we have found thus far, and the list will be updated every month or so as new articles are posted and more old articles are found. Please let us know if you find any dead links! We would like to thank WikiFur for the amazing headstart they gave us on this project with their timeline of media coverage.




American Kabuki - Spy Magazine (1990) - 


Confurence 4: Furry Fandom - Sci-Fi Channel (1993) - 


Johnny Manhattan Meets the Furry Muckers - WIRED Magazine (1994) 


“A Tail You Won't Fur’get” - KARE 11 News (1997) - Confurence 8


Internet Fans meet in Bodstedt - Ostsee Zeitung (1997) - Eurofurence 3


Creature Comforts - Marie Claire Magazine (1997)


Animal Instincts - WSVN-11 Florida (1997)


The Truth About Furries is… Well WE Don’t Know - Tales From the Bitstream (1998)


Heavy Petting - Loaded Magazine (1998)


Beyond Computers - NPR Radio (1999) - Further Confusion 1999


A Hare Piece - The Daily Show (1999) - Interview of Rapid T Rabbit


Skunk! - Eurotrash (1999) - Confurence 10

Furries of the Valley - Metro Newspaper (1999)



Venus in Furs - New Times Los Angeles Online (2000) 


Cuddle Time - Salon Online (2000) 


"Three Feet High And Falling: Reform Party Self-Destructs, Saves Universe From Stupidity" - Greenwich Village Gazette (2000) 


The Other Side - Human Furry Animals - Channel 4 UK (2000) 


To Boldly Gay - The Daily Show (2000) - Comedy Coverage of Gaylaxicon 2000


Tickled Pink - Go Big (2001)


My First Touch Of Fur - Glue Magazine (2001) 


Nightlife - The Furverts - Channel 4 UK (2001) 


Pleasures of the Fur - Vanity Fair Magazine (2001) 


Critter Camp Out: A little raccoon from Kansas City finds friendship in the Furry Fandom - PitchWeekly (2001) 


What’s Kinky Now? - Flare Magazine (2001) - Covers Pony Play, Looners, Plushies and Furries 


What Are Furries? - BBC Nightlife (2001)


Invasion of the Furries - Waynes Suburban Newspaper (2001) - Anthrocon 2001 Coverage 


Fur Out! - Xtra! (2001) 


The Fursuit of Happiness - London Financial Times Magazine (2001) 


Sex2K: Plushies and Furries - MTV (2002) 


If the Critter Fits: Never Mind What MTV Says; Furries Want You To Know It's Not All About Sex - Metroland (2002) 


Breeding in Captivity - LA Weekly (2002) 


Are You Fur Real? - Orlando Weekly (2002) 


A Furry Tale for a Foxy College Student - The Olympian (2002) 


Anna in Wonderland - BBC 3 (2002)


Savage Love: Furry Articles - The Stranger (2002) (“Furry Friends”) (“Furry Fury”) (“Furry Fury II”) 


Why Mickey Mouse Wears Pants - The Varsity (2002) 


The FURRIES!!! - The Stranger (2002) 


Bowling for Porcupine - Riverfront Times (2003) 


They’ve Got a Warm And Fuzzy Feeling - The Globe and Mail (2003) 


Animal Imitators - TLC (2003)


Culture Shock: Beauty and the Beast - CBS Newsworld (2003)


Fur Fetish - Channel 2 News Los Angeles (2004) 


Animal Magnetism - MyCityPaper (2004) - Coverage of Anthrocon 2004 


Conventional Fur For All - The News Tribune (2004) - Coverage of Conifur 2004


Is Your Team’s Mascot a Furvert? - The Guardian (2005)


In San Jose, The Furries Will Congregate - USAToday (2005)


My Furry Weekend - Memphis Flyer (2005)


All About Furry Fandom At Confab - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2006)


Animal Passions - Pittsburgh City Paper (2006)


Fur Fetish - Channel 2 News Los Angeles (2006) 


Fur Fantasy Fanatics Only - Waikato Times (2006)


Bringing Out the Animal in You - Nightline New Zealand (2006)


Furries! Furverts Yiffing in a Fur Pile - F News (2007)!.php


Utter Furversion! - Scarlet Magazine (2007)

Page 1:

Page 2: 

Page 3: 


Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits - Westword (2007)


March of the Furries - Westword (2007)


Furring is the New Sex Crave for Perverts - Metro News (2007)


How Furry is It? - The Register (2007)


Furries Purr Over Pittsburgh Reception - Pittsburgh Tribune (2007)


Anthrocon Turns City Into a Real Zoo - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2007)


Furries Return to Pittsburgh - WTAE Pittsburgh (2007)


Report from Pittsburgh - POVOnline (2007)


Furries!! Or ‘What I Did Over Summer Vacation’ - PopCultureShock (2007)


A World of its Own - Freies Wort (2007)



A Tiger in the Elevator - Freies Wort (2007)

Page 1: 

Page 2: 



Fluff Piece - Santa Fe Reporter (2007) 

Feeling Furry? - Mount Saint Hood Community College Advocate (2007)


Hell Hath No Furries - Harvard Advocate (2007)


Hidden Tails - The Daily Bruind UCLA (2007)


American Furry: Life, Liberty and the Fursuit of Happiness - BoingBoing TV (2007)


I Like Dressing Up Like A Bear During Sex - The Times UK (2007)


Eurofurence - PulsTV (2007)


These Magic Moments - New Jersey Monthly (2007)


Fursuiting - Valerio Duikt Onder (2007) - In Dutch, No Captions

Part 1: 

Part 2: 


Mephit Fur Meet Coverage - WAFB Tennessee (2007) 


In Hot Fursuit - Legacy (2008)


When Fox and Wolf Check In - Schöne Aussichten (2008)


Furr Like Me - Sacramento News & Review (2008)


Super Furry Animals - Bizarre Magazine UK (2008) 


Unleash Your Inner Sexual Beast - The Metro UK (2008)


Furry Enthusiasts Back In 'Burgh For Convention - KDAE (2008) 


What's Furry, Fun, and in Pittsburgh This Weekend? Anthrocon 2008 - Santa Barbara Independent (2008) 


Plush Toys On The Beach - RevistaV (2008)


Eurofurence 2008 Report - Rennsteig TV (2008) - In German, No Captions 


Oh They Are CUTE! - Zeit Online (2008) - In German, No Translation 


FUR-ther - New Times (2008)


To Fur Is Human? - Santa Maria Sun (2008)


WTF - The Furry Fetish - G4tv Attack of the Show (2009)


Furries - Swindle Magazine (2009)


Bringing Out The Animal In You - Waikato Times New Zealand (2009)


Furries Stress Friendliness at Downtown Convention - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2009)


New York Mets Complain About Furries - ABC 7 (2009) 


Denver Fur Con - Fox News Denver (2009) 


Furry Fandom: Art, Community and a Second Skin to Feel Comfortable in - VCReporter (2009) 


Furry Fandom - Pasadena Weekly (2009)


Is Your Sex Life Normal? - The Tyra Banks Show (2009) 


Who Are The Furries? - BBC (2009)


Affur of the Heart Unleashes Animal Instincts - The Age (2009) 


Invasion Of The Stuffed Animals - Der Express Germany (2009) 


Furries Just Wanna Be Cuddled - Mustang News (2010)


Stuffed Furry People - Fantastico Brazil (2010) 


Further Confusion 2010 News Report - CBS (2010) 


An Unconventional Convention - Register Pajaronian (2010) 


In The Land Of Cuddly Toys - Montreal Campus (2010) 


Fur Fun - BoingBoing (2010) 


Kal (25), Lives Like A Badger - Dagbladet (2010) - In Norweigen, No Translation 


Furry Beasts Roam Omaha's Old Market - KETV NewsWatch 7 (2010) 


Oh So Furry - The Rumpus (2010) 


'Furries' In Pittsburgh For Anthrocon Convention - WPXI Pittsburgh (2010) 


Anthrocon 2010 opens in Downtown Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Business Insider (2010) 


What Are Furries? - Gurney Journey (2010) 


Anthrocon Brings Out The Animal In Enthusiasts - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2010) 


Pittsburgh Man Vows To Fight For 'Boomer The Dog' Name Change - WPXI Pittsburgh (2010) 


'Furry' Man Denied Bid to Legally Change Name to Boomer the Dog - The Daily Telegraph (2010) 


Court Denies ‘Furry’ Man’s Request to Change Name - The New York Post (2010) 


Anthropaws Brings Furry Characters To Life - Redmond Reporter (2010) 


The Furries Are On The Loose - MDR Sachsen-Anhalt heut (2010) - In German, No Captions 


Oddisee Episode 02: A Furrytale - Oddisee Films (2010) - In German with Captions 


The Animal Outside Us All - Patrick R. Benesh-Liu - The Ornament Magazine (2010) 


Unleashing The Inner Beast - The Age (2010) 


Have A Very Furry Christmas - Edmonton Journal (2010) 


My Strange Addiction: Fursuit Fetish - TLC (2011) 


Are They Fur Real? - Evening Standard (2011) 


Furries: An Inside Look - Curt Pehrson (2011)

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Part 3: 


Fabulous Furries: OMG with Peaches Geldof - ITV2 (2011)

Part 1: 

Part 2: 


Attack Of The Show: Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011 - G4 (2011) 


A Dude In A Fursuit. Dancing. For Charity - Kotaku (2011) 


WTAE - Furries Are Here: Anthrocon 2011 - WTAE Pittsburgh (2011) 


WTAE - The Furries Are Back In Town: Anthrocon 2011 - WTAE Pittsburgh (2011) 


Anthrocon Chairman, Furries Talk To WPXI - WPXI Pittsburgh (2011) 


Furries Return To Pittsburgh For 2011 Anthrocon Convention - WPXI (2011) 


Anthrocon Convention Hits Downtown - WPXI (2011) 


Furries Descend on Pittsburgh for Fur Suit Festival - Gawker (2011) 


Wolfie Interviews at Furry Con - The Howard Stern Show (2011) - Warning: Extremely Negative 


Fanboy Confessional: The Furry Edition - The Spacecast (2011) - Pay To Watch on Amazon Video/Vimeo


Hairy Visit: Around 1000 "Furys" Move Into The City - Volksstimme (2011) 


"Look us in the button eyes!" 1050 fur bearers conquer Magdeburg - Volksstimme (2011) 

Physical Article: 


Burning Man at 25 Years - The Big Picture - Boston Globe (2011) 


The Latex Fox and the Leather Hound - Salon Magazine (2011) 


Furry "Sex Romp" Music Video Created by a Furry Angers Furries - BoingBoing (2011) 


Making Fuzzy Friends At Midwest Furfest - WBEZ Radio (2011) 


Furries - National Geographic (2012) 


Up Close and Fursonal With The Wild At Heart - The Age (2012) 


FurCon Invades San Jose - Metro (2012) 


Fur Suit Love - CTV News (2012) 


Fur Fetishists 'Just Nature Lovers' - The Press (2012) 


Not a Furry Figment of my Imagination - The Press (2012) 


Steve and the Furries | Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule - Adult Swim (2012) 


Eye On The Bay: Those Other Conventions - KPIX CBS News (2012) 


Their Hobby - Dressing In Animal Costumes - Metro (2012) - In Swedish, No Translation 

Anthrocon Furries Aid Fernando’s Cafe In Pittsburgh - Huffington Post (2012)


Furries Pony Up To Keep Favorite Eatery Open For Pittsburgh Convention - Post Gazette (2012) 


Pittsburgh Cafe Gets A Hand, or Paw, From a Loyal Group of Furry Friends - Post Gazette (2012) 


Furries Arriving In Town For Annual Anthrocon Convention - KDKA (2012) 


Thousands of 'Furries' Return to Pittsburgh for Annual Anthrocon Convention - WPXI (2012)


Anthrocon 2012 - The Pitt News (2012) 


Furries Return to Pittsburgh - WPXI (2012) 


Anthrocon Convention 2012 - KDKA (2012) 


Furries Looking To ‘Shed”’Bad Rap In Pittsburgh - Journal Gazette (2012) 


Furry BBQ In New Jersey - Fox 5 News (2012) 


The ‘Furry’ Movement Gaining Popularity In Mexico - BBC News (2012) 


IndyFurCon Attracts Furries From Far and Wide this Weekend - The Indianapolis Star (2012) 


Furry Friends: Bundy Furmeet - Channel 7 News (2012) 


Fine Becomes A Furry: Eurofurence 18 - MDR Querformat (2012) - In German, With Captions 


The Furries Among Us - Connecticut Public Radio (2012) 


Furries: What Are They? - FoxCT (2012) 


Tracks: Rubber Furries - Arte (2012) - In Dutch, With Captions 


OMG!!! *sobs* Your Furry is Giving Me Feels - Mail & Guardian (2012) 


Custom Made Cat Suits - White Bear Press (2013) 


Look Out! FurCon 2013 Takes Over San Jose - SanJose.Com (2013) 

Furry Fandom Cosplay Groups Meet Up At Local Parks: San Diego - CBS 8 (2013) 


Furry Weekend Atlanta Turns 10 - Atlanta Magazine (2013) 


Not Adults Who Have Sex In Plush Clothes, They Just Love Animals - Velvet Magazine (2013) 


Scenes From Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013 - Atlanta Magazine (2013) 


Anthropomorphics - Article In Russian Magazine (2013) - In Russian, No Translation 


What?! I Think I’m An Animal - Logo TV (2013)

Part 1 :

Part 2:

Part 3: 

Part 4: 

Part 5: 

Part 6:


Lion And Mythical Warg to Join Bundy's Second Furry Party - The Courier Mail (2013) 


BunFur Organiser Chats to us About All Things Fur - The Courier Mail (2013) 


Toska The 'Warthog' Shares Her Story - The Courier Mail (2013) 


BunFur Staff Member Encourages Everyone to Get Involved - The Courier Mail (2013)


US Furry Excited for BunFur Event - The Courier Mail (2013) 


Offbeatr, the Kickstarter for Porn, Is a Furry Playground - Vice (2013) 


Furries Plan a Big Day Out - The Courier Mail (2013) 


Furries Take to Gardens for Day Out - The Courier Mail (2013) 


The ‘Furries’ Return to Pittsburgh - Post Gazette (2013) 


Furries Return To Pittsburgh, Going For World Record - KDKA (2013) 


Furries Parade at Anthrocon 2013 - WTAE (2013) 


Furry Parade 2013 - WTAE (2013) 


Return of the 'Furries' an Annual Pittsburgh Event - Post Gazette (2013) 


"Furries" Converge on Pittsburgh - WPXI (2013) 


'Furries' Leave Visible Prints Downtown and in Pittsburgh's Coffers - Post Gazette (2013) 


Furries Fill Downtown For 8th Year - KDKA (2013) 


'Furries' Seek World Record for Largest Parade in Fur Suits - Post Gazette (2013) 


Furries Attempt to Set Guinness World Record at Annual Anthrocon Convention - Pittsburgh Courier (2013) 


More African-Americans Get Involved In Anthrocon Every Year - Pittsburgh Courier (2013) 


Largest Parade of People in Fur Suits: Pittsburgh Breaks Guinness World Record - World Record Academy (2013) 


Furries Return & Save A Restaurant - Anthrocon 2013 - WPXI (2013) 


Furries' Parade RAW Video - Anthrocon 2013 - WPXI (2013) 


Anthrocon 2013 - RAW Interview With Furries - WPXI (2013) 


The Furries Are Back! Who Are They? - WTAE (2013) 


The Fursuit Of Happiness - TimeOut (2013) 


Seamstress Finds Furry Niche - New Zealand Herald (2013) 


Three Dogs Walk Into a Pawn Shop - Hardcore Pawn, TruTV (2013) 


Pittsburgh Man Thinks He's a Dog, Goes By Name 'Boomer' - ABC News (2013) 


Furries Here At Castleton - Castleton Spartan (2013) 


Furry Friends Bond Over Bowling - Chicago Tribune (2013)




Furries Descend on Lake Murray - San Diego Reader (2014)


Pizarro: Furries, pot advocates and volleyballers promise wild weekend in downtown San Jose - Further Confusion Coverage - The Mercury News (2014)


Furcon, Silicon Valley's last, best hope at weird, comes to town - Further Confusion Coverage - Silicon Valley Business Journal (2014)


Volf’s Mission is Seeing You Smile - The Bucks Herald (2014) 


The Rise of Brony and the Death of the American Man - Return of Kings (2014)


‘Furries’ begin to arrive in Pittsburgh for annual Anthrocon Convention - WPXI (2014) - VIDEO 


Furries Converge on Downtown Pittsburgh for Anthrocon 2014 - WESA (2014) 


Furries Back In Town Giving Pittsburgh A Financial Boost - KDKA (2014) 


Furry nation unleashed on Downtown - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2014) 


FBI investigating threats against ‘furries’ in town for convention - WPXI (2014) - VIDEO 


The Furries Return to Pittsburgh - Beaver County Times (2014) - Original Article Gone 


Watch: Furries Invade Pittsburgh - Global News Canada (2014) 


'The Furries' nuzzle up to Pittsburgh at 2014 Anthrocon convention - New Pittsburgh Courier (2014) 


Furries Of Anthrocon: Beneath The Fursuit - NBC News (2014) VIDEO 


Fur-Clad Joy Spreaders - Horsens Folkeblad - Danish Newspaper (2014) 


PHOTOS: Furries Frolic In San Francisco - Queerty (2014) - Photos no longer available 


Furries and bronies bond at Blitz - The Star Phoenix (2014) - Original Article Gone 


San Diego Meetups: Ghosts Happen, Bitcoin, Zeitgeist and Furries - San Diego (2014) 


Wild Life - This Land (2014) 


Chemical spill in Rosemont sends 19 to the hospital, disrupts Midwest Fur Fest - WGN9 (2014) 


Authorities: Chemical Leak At Rosemont Hotel Holding Furfest Convention Intentional - CBS Chicago (2014)


19 Hospitalized After Chemical Leak Interrupts FurFest - NBC Chicago (2014) 


FurFest evacuated after chlorine leak at Hyatt hotel - ABC 7 Chicago (2014) - VIDEO 


Not Chlorine gas sickens several at furries convention 


Chlorine leak affects 19 at convention in Illinois - Telemundo (2014) - Originally in Spanish 


Chlorine Gas Leak Sickens 19 at Furry Convention - Associated Press (2014) - VIDEO 


Chlorine-Gas Attack Interrupts Furry Convention - Intelligencer (2014) 


FurFest evacuated: Chlorine gas leak sends 19 people to hospital - RT (2014) - VIDEO 


Gas leak hospitalizes 19 people at Midwest FurFest 2014 - CBS News (2014) - VIDEO 


'Intentional' gas release at Chicago-area hotel hosting 'furries' convention sickens 19 - Fox News (2014) - VIDEO 


'Furry' convention evacuated - HLN (2014) - VIDEO 


Chlorine gas alert forces evacuation at 'furry animals' convention - CBS Espanol (2014) - Originally in Spanish 


Mika Brzezinski Learns About 'Furries' - MSNBC (2014) - VIDEO 


Chlorine gas forces evacuation at Midwest Furfest convention - Chicago Local 12 (2014) - VIDEO 


Q&A After a Poison Gas Attack a Furry Speaks Out - The Intelligencer (2014) 


Furries Set The Record Straight: There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of - HuffPost (2014) 


Furries Say They Aren't A Fetish, They're A Community, And They're Ready To Be Taken Seriously - Buzzfeed News (2014) 



Fur Suits for Friendship, Financial Boon - The Chronicle (2015),77722 


Furries turn downtown San Jose into wild kingdom - The Mercury News (2015) 


What Really Happens at a Furry Convention? - Inside Edition (2015) - VIDEO 


The Tufts Daily goes to a furry convention - Anthro New England - The Tufts Daily (2015) 


9 questions about furries you were too embarrassed to ask - Vox (2015) 


Freedom in Fur - Star Observer (2015) 

Free to Be Furry? Group Fights to Wear Animal Costumes in Burlington - Seven Days Vermont (2015) 


Animals Are Us? - BBC News Radio (2015) 


Rochester FurryCon 2015 begins: Furries say they're misunderstood - (2015) 


Call of the wild: Local Furries say they are misunderstood - Star Tribune (2015) 


Pittsburgh To Welcome First-Ever Public Furry Parade On Saturday - WESA (2015)


Here's what to expect from Anthrocon 2015 - The Business Journals (2015) 


Anthrocon 2015 Makes Its Way To Pittsburgh - Journal News (2015) 


Anthrocon 2015 Furry Parade - KDKA Pittsburgh (2015) 

2015 Anthrocon Fursuit Walk - Next Pittsburgh (2015) 


Anthrocon 2015 Fursuit Parade - WTAE (2015) 


The furries return for Anthrocon 2015 - WPXI (2015) 


THEY'RE BACK! Furries take over Pittsburgh for Anthrocon 2015 - WPXI (2015) 


Furries take over Downtown once again - WTAE (2015) - VIDEO 


Anthrocon Convention steps out in full fursuits - Pittsburgh Courier (2015) 


Crowd greets Anthrocon furries in outdoor parade - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2015) 


Furries Seem to ‘Nest' in Pittsburgh Year-Round - NBC Philadelphia (2015) 


The Fursuit of Happiness: High Fashion in Furry Fandom - Racked (2015) 


Being a Furry Can Change Your Life - Rainfurrest 2015 - The Stranger (2015) 


More Photos and Another Look Behind the Masks of Seattle's Biggest Furry Convention - Rainfurrest 2015 - The Stranger (2015) 


The Fursuit of Happiness Begins With Customized Dog Abs - Atlas Obscura (2015) 


It's not about sex, it's about identity: why furries are unique among fan cultures - The Guardian (2016) - VIDEO 


WGN sports anchor becomes ‘furry’ at Chicago’s Furry Convention - WGN 9 Chicago (2016)


Cereal offenders: Tony the Tiger begs furries to stop tweeting him porn - The Guardian (2016) 


Syrian refugee children dance with furries after being placed in same hotel as VancouFur convention - Daily News (2016) 


A Furry Convention Welcomed Syrian Refugee Families to Canada - Vice News (2016) 


Syrian Refugees Get Put Up in Same Hotel As Furries. Kids LOVE It. - Huff Post (2016) 


Syrian Refugees Had To Share A Hotel With A Furry Convention And The Photos Are Wild - Buzzfeed News (2016) 


Furries make comeback at Purdue, year-round costumes raise eyebrows - Fox59 (2016) 


Furries Love 'Zootopia' - Vice News (2016) 


Disney Seems to be Embracing It’s Furry - Vanity Fair (2016) 


Disney's 'Zootopia' and furries: a match made in marketing heaven? - The Oregonian (2016) 




In Defense of Furries - Gizmodo (2016)


Furries are finally having their moment - Boston Globe (2016) 


Partially filmed in Pittsburgh, 'Fursonas' explores Furry fandom and the media - WTAE (2016) 


‘Fursonas’ Explores Furry Fandom and the Media - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2016) 


Pittsburgh filmmaker talks about his new documentary on furries - City Paper (2016) 


Fursonas - Documentary by Dominic Rodriguez (2016) 


What it’s like to have sex as a ‘furry’ - New York Post (2016) 


The Furry Takeover of Media - Killscreen (2016) 


CODCON celebrates the world of Sci-Fi - The Courier (2016) 


Getting a Grip on Furry Fandom and Species Dysphoria Blues - Willamette Week (2016) 


Brisbane 'furries' find community and acceptance inside animal suits - ABC (2016) 


It probably comes as no surprise, but furries love their pets - City Paper (2016) 


Cool Tigers at KDKA Morning News - KDKA (2016) 


Beyond the Suit: The World of Furries - WTAE (2016) 


Photos: Fursuit Parade Anthrocon 2016 - WTAE (2016) 


The Furries are back in Pittsburgh - WTAE (2016) 


Getting into character: Navigating Anthrocon 2016 - The Pitt News (2016) 


The Roaring Twenty Furries Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Anthrocon - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2016) 


Anthrocon turns 20 in Pittsburgh, Fursuit Parade open to public - NEXT Pittsburgh (2016) 


Furries Return To Pittsburgh For 20th Anthrocon Convention - KDKA (2016) 


Furry Community Grapples With Identity As Anthrocon Grows - WESA (2016) 


Furry Friends - The Project - Channel 10 Australia (2016) 


The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists Afloat - Intelligencer (2016) 


First Brazilian Furfest takes place in Santos - TV Tribuna (2016) - Original in Portuguese 


Furry in Santos, how was the furry convention in Brazil - Vice News (2016)  - Original in Portuguese 


Bronies, mermaids and anthropomorphics: America's countless conventions – The Guardian (2016) 


After triple homicide, California furry community devastated, fearful for their safety - The Mercury (2016) 


Furry Community Shocked After Gory Triple Murder - Rolling Stone (2016) 


Grim murder scene described in California 'furry' murder case - Reuters (2016) 


A furry and a "furscientist" on this weekend's CanFURence gathering - Podcast - CBC Canada (2016) 


Being a Furry for a Day - World of Weird - Channel 4 (2016) 


Researcher says furries, people who dress like animals, offer important support system - CBC (2016) 


These Furries Want You To Know They Hate Fascism Too - BuzzFeed News (2017) 


I’m a furry. And I’m finally at home with my wild side. - The Guardian (2017) 


Woman Brings Therapy Dog to Furry Convention - The Intelligencer (2017) 


Woman takes dog to Furry Con in misunderstanding, raises $10K for Pets for Vets - Fox 2 Detroit (2017) - VIDEO 


Amid allegations of unpaid taxes, neo-Nazism, and sex offender, Denver furry convention canceled - ABC 7 Denver (2017) 


Does the Furry Community Have a Nazi Problem? - Rolling Stone (2017) 


More Than Just a Pretty Face: Unmasking Furry Fandom - Psychology Today (2017) 


This is My Life: The World of Furries - KENS 5 San Antonio (2017) 


Hong Kong’s ‘furries’ share their passion for animal make believe - South Shine Morning Post (2017) - VIDEO 


PHOTOS: Biggest Little Fur Con Draws Thousands to Reno - This is Reno (2017) 


Here's why the world's largest furry convention is in Pittsburgh - Penn Live (2017) 


The Furries Returning on Thursday - WTAE (2017) VIDEO 


Anthrocon 2017 Segment - WTAE (2017) 


Unleash Furries Anthrocon Convention Weekend Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2017) 


GALLERY: Anthrocon 2017 - The Pitt News (2017) 


Photos: The Furries are back in town! - WTAE (2017) 


Raw video: Furries on the streets of Pittsburgh - WTAE (2017) 


A furry unmasked: Dibs Dingo explains the attraction of Anthrocon - WTAE (2017) 


Photos: Furries in Pittsburgh - WTAE (2017) 


Nearly 2,000 Furries Participate In Annual Anthrocon Parade - KDKA (2017) 


Furries Pittsburgh Anthrocon 2017 Convention Center - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2017) 


The insane story of a furry convention undone by its descent into debauchery - AV Club (2017) 

What’s the Deal with “Furries?” - Psychology Today (2017) 


A Pack of Furries Introduces Eamonn to the Fandom - This Morning UK (2017) - VIDEO 


How the Furry Community Became a Safe Space for Youth - VICE News (2017) 


Furrydelphia: Inside Philly’s first furries convention - Metro (2017) 


Army soldier lives double life as furry character called Mark the Husky - Metro News UK (2017) 


The Truth About Furries: Fandom not Fetish - Vice News (2017) - VIDEO 


A Few Questions About Michael Shannons Furry Christmas Film - Vulture (2017) 


Neo-Nazi Furries are Trump's Latest and Most Puzzling Alt-Right Supporters - Newsweek (2017) 


How a Utah Twitter star fought back when alt-right furries attacked - The Salt Lake Tribune (2017) 


Furries revealed: Study finds only 4% of enthusiasts say their 'fandom' is about sex (although 35% of the public thinks otherwise) - Daily Mail UK (2017) 


UPB students, professor study furry community - The Bradford Era (2017) 


San Jose Furcon Brings Furries and their Animal Costumes Downtown - The Mercury News (2018) 


Furries are taking Toronto by storm - blogTO (2018) 


Boston furry convention 2018 bonds anthropomorphic adorers - Metro Boston (2018) 


Inside America’s most misunderstood subculture: Wild at heart - Huck Magazine (2018) 


Members of Saluki Furry Society feeling free with their furry personas - The Daily Egyptian (2018) 


Hundreds dress in colorful animal costumes for furries convention held in Tysons Corner - WJLA (2018) 


This 13-year-old's elaborate costumes are next level - CBC Arts (2018) 


ALL ABOUT TORA-CON - RIT Reporter (2018) 


Raunchy couple caught making X-rated motions in hotel lobby during furry animal costume convention - Mirror UK (2018) 


Furry fan community tries to shake bad reputation - ABC Australia (2018) 


Arizona Lawmaker Asks What Furries Are - Arizona Central (2018) 


'Furries' in colourful costumes defend their pastime while gathering at Harbour City Fur Con - The Daily Mail UK (2018) 


Inside the furry feeding frenzy at Furnando’s Furryland Cafe during Anthrocon in Pittsburgh - The Incline (2018) 


Anthrocon 2018: Four Things You Didn’t Know About Furries - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2018) 


Tails from Anthrocon 2018 - WESA (2018) 


Furries On Parade! Anthrocon Takes To The Streets With Annual Fursuit Walk - KDKA (2018) 


Furries! Anthrocon 2018 in Downtown Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Courier (2018) 


Furries Return To Pittsburgh As Anthrocon Gets Underway - CBS Pittsburgh (2018) 


At Anthrocon 2018, Furries Celebrate Tradition and Community - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2018) 


"I Went Undercover At A Furry Convention” - Marie Claire Australia (2018) 


Meet The Furries - BBC Radio 1 (2018) - VIDEO 


Megaplex 2018's furry convention comes to Orlando this week - Orlando Weekly (2018) 


Furries Surprise Strangers For The First Time - BuzzFeedVideo (2018) 


Inside the misunderstood culture of furries - CNN (2018) 


This is Life with Lisa Ling: Furry Nation - CNN (2018) 


Furry porn, cuckolding, water sports - Reader Chicago (2019) 


How a Trash-Talking Furry Became Esports' Dominant Player - Wired (2019) 


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Download if website goes offline: 

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