Fang, Feather, & Fin, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to tracing and archiving the history of the furry fandom. While furries have been around for a long time, understanding our history means capturing the diverse spaces and media we’ve romped around in through the years: zines, journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, conventions spaces (and on and on). Our goal is to capture that history through interviews, blog posts on specific subjects, and an ever-growing archive of furry materials.

Artist Credits
Header: Golden Druid 
Mascots: Pulex

About Us

Fang, Feather, and Fin started out as a passion project idea that Chipper and Gale had in 2019. “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a website dedicated to all things furry history and really pushed it out to the fandom?” They would spend the next three years working hard on this project, and onboarding the incredible Tofte, who already had done so much work in, on, and with furry history. The blog launched in Septemeber 2022 with the goal on monthly updates and an intensive archive project.

Chipper Wolf

Chipper Wolf (he/they), who also suits as the stellar were-space-bat Zubeneschamali (a.k.a. Zubi, she/they), has been involved in furry fandom since 2013. In addition to being an avid suiter, they volunteered at Anthro New England from 2015-2021, serving as head of Con Store and as one of the convention’s Directors. When not TFing into a derpy wolf or an imperious bat, they pursue academic teaching and research — part of the drive to help document furry history. Furry history comes from all of us, and they can’t wait to help preserve that history while making it widely available.

Gale Frostbane

Gale Frostbane (she/her) is a little saber kitty with big dreams. Since finding the furry fandom in January 2011, she fell madly in love with it and made furry her life. Prior to finding the furry fandom Gale was a mascot for her college and would end up working professionally for years in the MiLB and MLS before focusing professionally on her Environmental Engineering work. As such, Gale is an avid fursuiter, performing multiple characters. Her biggest passion aside from fursuiting and mascots is learning everything she can about the furry fandom and its rich history. She now spends countless hours weekly watching old furry videos, tracking down obscure websites and media and obsessing over every amazing old school fursuit she can find!

Tofte Alpaca

Tofte Alpaca (he/him) is an Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Boston College, where he teaches courses on Greek, Latin, and ancient Mediterranean civilizations. His favorite course to teach is “Beast Literature,” which he developed to explore anthropomorphic and talking animals in ancient, Medieval European, and modern cultures. His academic research focuses on Latin poetry, Roman theater and spectacle, and animals in the Greek and Roman world. For Fang, Feather, and Fin, he’s especially eager to document furry media, especially comics and literature, and to record and understand the personal experiences of furries and their relationship to furry-ness.

Above Art and Photo Credits

About Us Collage (Artists from Left to Right): Rush Draws, ScruffKerfluff, NealaAppaloosa 
Chipper Photo: LoboLoco
Gale Photo: Strobes
Tofte Artwork: MouseNoises