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Furry in Pop Culture

Just a furry has appeared across news media, so has it featured in pop culture -- everything from movies to TV shows to art exhibits. Below are some pop culture sources, and as with the news media list, we will keep adding to this list. We would like to thank WikiFur for the amazing headstart they gave us on this project with their timeline of media coverage.


KnowYourMemes: Furry -


Furries in Movies/TV - 


A Hare Piece - The Daily Show (1999) - Interview of Rapid T Rabbit


To Boldly Gay - The Daily Show (2000) - Comedy Coverage of Gaylaxicon 2000


“Fur and Loathing” - CSI (2003) 


“The Day Fuckers” - Entourage (2007) 


“One Little Word” - American Dad (2008) 


“Is Your Sex Life Normal?” - The Tyra Banks Show (2009)  


My Strange Addiction: Fursuit Fetish - TLC (2011) 


Attack Of The Show: Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011 - G4 (2011) 


Steve and the Furries | Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule - Adult Swim (2012) 


Three Dogs Walk Into a Pawn Shop - Hardcore Pawn, TruTV (2013) 


“The Missing Kink” - American Dad (2013) 


“Animal Obsessions” - Dr. Phil (2014) 

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Part 3: 


"Furry Superheroes Are Super Gross" - Furry Force - College Humor (2014) 


"Furry Superheroes Get Even Grosser" - Furry Force - College Humor (2014) 


“Furry Superheroes Are the Grossest” - Furry Force - College Humor (2015) 




“Boo Normal” - Lucifer (2018)  


Furry Night - Terror Films (2018) 


This is Life with Lisa Ling: Furry Nation - CNN (2018) 


Why Is Everyone So Horny All the Time? - The Trevor Moore Show (2019) 


Midwest Furfest - All Gas No Breaks (2020) 


Lone Wolf - J.D. Marmion and Red Carpet Broadcasting (2020) 

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